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  • maunwe: :schild15: TV-Tipp! Heute!
    06.04.13 20:02:51
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  • admin: Tja, die liebe SusannahS  ::) ihre Spuren ließen sich über Frankreich nach Rumänien verfolgen 8) Nun isse wieder wech. Wer trotzdem Kontakt zu ihr aufnehmen will, hier ihre E-Mail Adresse:
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  • Langer: Hallo Susannah. :-)
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  • Langer: Bin gegen 0.00 Uhr mal drin.
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  • maunwe: ich werd so inn ner Stunde mal ins TS gehen.
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  • maunwe: Wie siehts beu Euch aus, wollen wir heute mal wieder zocken?  ;D
    26.12.12 18:55:11
  • Digger: ...ick weiß ;D ja auch ein anderer Dämlag gemeint ::) aber egal
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  • Digger: "nehmlich"  :-X
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  • Digger: ... meinst du, itze könnte es klappen?...bei uns ist es nämlich och schon ganz dunkel  :-\
    21.12.12 20:08:52
  • maunwe: Bei uns is scho ganz dunkel ...  :-[
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  • Langer: Die hätten wenigstens ´ne genaue Uhrzeit nennen können, dass man sich richten kann!  ::)
    21.12.12 15:12:23
  • Digger: Moin...hab ich wohl den Weltuntergang verschlafen... :-\
    21.12.12 09:56:07
  • maunwe: Viel Spass beim Feiern ... lasst's krachen ...  :party14: :party16:
    09.11.12 21:56:03
  • Digger: pssst... und nicht passt
    09.11.12 21:23:50
  • Digger: :-X... ;D ;D ;D... passt, dit jibet sonst noch eine "Spendenaffäre"... aber Danke,  :-*
    09.11.12 21:21:54
  • Langer: Tja,  es hat nicht jeder eine Geld-zurück-Garantie ;-)
    09.11.12 21:21:45
  • admin: Hätten wir auch so einen netten Spender, wie 49 andere Clans  :P , dann hätten wir auch einen Kalender in dem stehen würde, dass D!GG3R heute Geburtstag hat ...  ;D ... Herzliche Glückwunsch  :-*
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  • maunwe: ... und die Frisur sitzt ...  :P
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  • Langer: ...Wochenende bei 8° C...  :)
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  • maunwe: ... aber es schneit nicht ...  :)
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  • Digger: ... es Regnet immer noch  :-\
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  • Digger: Regen... bei 6°.  :-*
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  • maunwe: ... nicht mehr ...  ;D
    31.10.12 18:48:49
  • maunwe: ... hier schneits ...  ::)
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  • Digger: ... ein "Digges") Prost von de Küste
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  • maunwe: Von mir aus ... so gegen 22:00 Uhr?  :D
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  • Langer: Geht heut was?  ???
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  • Digger: Mahlzeit...
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MLS Realtor Map
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The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship inside UAE said recently that around 6,000 investors and entrepreneurs had applied for long-term visas within the first week. In 2005 she was promoted to Assistant Director along with 2008 was promoted to Director, in the Manhattan and Fairfield County markets. On Friday, the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud marked its launch having a press call, through which U. Learn more about the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud and what exactly real estate mls property search wire fraud is here. Accordingly, innovative developers are streamlining the finish-to-end homebuying process by making use of AI technologies, or simply just an expert intermediary with respect to the purchaser, to be sure buyers are capable of complete a house transaction. Today, about 50 ultra-high-end spec houses are being developed in posh Los Angeles neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and Brentwood, where there aren't enough ultra-wealthy buyers wanting to purchase them.

For instance, Calgary features a price-to-income ratio of 3. They will be notified when loans that meet your criteria become available, and 24 hours later their money will likely be automatically invested. These properties could be found using off-market dealer platforms, wholesalers (those who find a home, have it under contract, and assign it to a different buyer who closes on it), contractors who focus on flips, by 'driving for dollars' through neighbors with distressed properties. The reality is that being a home owner is a lot at work. Why a prosperous UAE-based developer took a design-first philosophy to attain success. As of April 2019, the unemployment rate for the Las Vegas metro area had fallen with a healthy 3. Aysha Cox joined Case Real Estate Capital, LLC as a Financial and Investment Analyst in late 2017.

The breakout and slight pullback happens to be offering traders with an interesting risk-to-reward ratio and could be the catalyst for any continued move higher. Follow Fortune on Flipboard to keep up-to-date for the latest news and analysis. Luis Ferré-Sadurní writes about housing in New York City for that Metro Desk. I've always had a love for real-estate and wished to do something in Chicago to get a long time,” says Deng, who spent 10 years playing to the Bulls. Not far, By Tae opened a lunch-only casual eatery with much exactly the same style late this past year, but for any much lower budget: a $25 set menu, plus a couple of takeout-only bento boxes for those not happy to commit to the full meal. It bridges the gap between the physical and realtor mls virtual world and the data. His plan set from the latest battle on the character of some of New York City's priciest neighborhoods, pitting affluent buyers who believe they have every to remake the urban landscape, equally as others have done for mls realtor map generations, against preservationists who contend that stuff has gone too far.