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Titel: Your Live Escape Game in Dusseldorf
Beitrag von: zenha am 11.02.21 12:24:42
What is a quest room in reality?
For those who played computer quests, there is almost no need to explain anything: the reality quest just left the narrow confines of the monitor screen. Now you can go through it in real life, being in the thick of things. Those who are unfamiliar with computer games can recall Ford Boyard, any intellectual game or "Mafia". Remember? Forget it! There are elements of similarity between the reality quest and all the listed entertainment, but no more. The quest room will be a new experience in your life, and the emotions experienced during this game can not be compared to anything.
Your Live Escape Game in Dusseldorf - Fiction Escape room question (
In the quest, it is optimal to play with a team of 3-4 people, although some quests allow you to assemble a team of up to 6 people. Players find themselves in a locked room, from which they must get out in 60 minutes. The entourage of the quest room corresponds to the theme of the game and, believe me, its organizers will do everything to impress you! Light and noise effects are used, and sometimes participants are offered to dress up in themed costumes. So, where can you find yourself?